Honey Bee Winter Mortality Survey for 2021-22

Below is the link to the online annual Honey Bee Winter Mortality Survey questionnaire for 2021-22. Please fill it out ASAP and preferably by June 5th.  A summary of Manitoba’s results will be incorporated into that National Report on Winter Losses in Canada, which will publish an interim report in mid-June and a final report in early July.

The information obtained from this survey is needed to develop accurate statistical information on Manitoba’s beekeeping industry and to document changes in bee health management practices over time.  It is important that we get a response from as many people as possible in order to be sure that the final estimates will be accurate. To make it easier for producers to find the time to complete the survey, the number of survey questions has been limited to only fourteen questions.

Your co-operation in answering this survey is greatly appreciated!  If possible, please try to have your survey submitted back to me ASAP and no later than June 15th, 2022, in order to be include into the dataset for the final report.

P.S.  To Manitoba’s beekeeper associations (MBA, RRAA, BABA and SCBA), please feel free to distribute this email to your membership.

Online e-Form Questionnaire Link : link


Rhéal Lafrenière

Manitoba Department of Agriculture

Apiculture Specialist – Provincial Apiarist

204-545 University Crescent

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

R3T 5S6


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