A Manitoba Beekeeping Club

We are a Manitoba beekeeping club founded in March 1963.  Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  The club’s location is geographically situated in Manitoba’s Red River Valley and thus takes the name Red River Apiarists’ Association.

We offer social activities and regular meetings that focus on information and education as it relates to anything to do with honey bees.  We talk about honey bee health, northern cold climate management, honey nectar sources and pollination to name but a few of the many subjects that have to do with honey bees. 

Our strength is bringing together all beekeepers, experienced or beginner, urban or rural, as well as those who are interested and may want to become beekeepers one day.  Encouraging beekeeping and honey bee health in Manitoba is the focus of the Red River Apiarists’ Association.

Where do we meet ?

Calvin Christian Collegiate Campus

706 Day Street

Winnipeg, MB



Second Tuesday in months:
January - May
September - November

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